Sunday, 9 June 2013

Microsoft announces sql server 2014

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Microsoft announces sql server 2014. The release date of Trial of SQL Server to be believed later this year.

Find the below link for more information.

New features of Sql server 2012

  • Always On supports now 8 secondaries instead of 4
  • Online Indexing at partition level – this is a good thing as now index rebuilding can be done at a partition level
  • Statistics at the partition level – this will be a huge improvement in performance
  • In-Memory OLTP works by providing in-application memory storage for the most often used tables in SQL Server. (Read More Here)
  • Columnstore Index can be updated – I just can’t wait for this feature (Columnstore Index)
  • Resource Governor can control IO along with CPU and Memory
  • Increase performance by extending SQL Server in-memory buffer pool to SSDs
  • Backup to Azure Storage

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Ganapathi varma
SQL engineer, MCP 

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